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Lodge History

Tulpe Lodge is the conglomeration of six different lodges that have merged over the years... The Order of the Arrow first started in, what is today, the Narragansett Council with the creation of the Noquochoke Lodge #124 in Fall River, MA in 1938. The Noquochoke Lodge was an active and vibrant lodge in the Massasoit Council and at Camp Noquochoke. They hosted the 1965 Section Conclave and had many section officers over the years. Their lodge totem was the rolling rock.

The Tulpe Lodge #245 was chartered in 1943 with the Annawon Council in Norton, MA. "The Great Tulpe Nation" hosted the 1971, 84 and 2011 Section Conclaves. Their lodge totem was the turtle because Tulpe translates to turtle in the language of the Delaware Indians.

The Agawam Lodge #509 was founded in 1960 in New Bedford, MA with the Cachalot Council. Agawam Lodge hosted the 1969 Section Conclave and was very active in the programs at Camp Cachalot. Their lodge totem was the whale.

The Noquochoke and Agawam Lodges merged in 1972 with the merger of their two respective councils. The new lodge created was Neemat Lodge #124. Neemat would be an active lodge both in the council and at Camp Cachalot for years. They hosted the 1972, ‘76 and ‘84 section conclaves. Their lodge totem was the peace pipe and two Indians.

The Order of the Arrow came late to the Narragansett Council. For decades, Camp Yawgoog had maintained its own camping honor society, the Wincheck Indians. However, with the growing popularity of the Order of the Arrow, in 1958 the Wincheck Indians were morphed into the Wincheck Lodge #534 of the Order of the Arrow. Wincheck hosted the 1963, ‘67, ‘75, ‘92 and ‘99 Section Conclaves.

Neemat and Wincheck Lodges merged in 2001-2002 with the merger of the Narragansett and Moby Dick Councils. The new lodge created was the Abnaki Lodge #102 adopting the peace pipe and bear as their totems. Abnaki Lodge hosted the 2004, 2012 and 2015 Section Conclaves.

Abnaki and Tulpe Lodges merged in 2015 with the merger of the Narragansett and Annawon Councils. The new lodge created was the Tulpe Lodge #102 adopting the turtle as their totem. Tulpe Lodge has been busily working to live up to the rich history of our predecessor lodges.

As you can see we have a long and varied past. However, whether you are a Noquochoke, Tulpe 245, Agawam, Neemat, Wincheck, Abnaki, or Tulpe 102 we are all committed to the ideals of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness and Service.

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