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Tulpe Lodge Web Site Information and Policies


This is the official website for the Order of the Arrow (OA) Tulpe Lodge (Lodge) chartered with the Narragansett Council (Council), Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The main goal of this website is to communicate official, approved information to Arrowmen who have web access. The site is produced by the Lodge.

This site follows the Official OA Web Site Guidelines.

Use of material from this site

In general, OA members may freely reprint material from the Lodge Website for their own use, or in local publications as part of the official program of the OA, as long as proper credit is given as to where the material came from. (A simple byline of "-from the Tulpe Lodge Website," is fine, or the footer statement that appears on the bottom of each page can be used.)

Please do not copy the material presented here to a local web site. Instead, put a link to the appropriate page. This ensures that local users will always get the most current copy when the pages here are updated, and it also saves local webmasters from any need to edit or retype our pages. The only exception to this policy are the graphics explicitly made available for use elsewhere.


The site is updated regularly, as new material becomes available.

Linking to the site

All Scouting and related web sites are encouraged to link to the Lodge and Council website.


If you have questions about the OA, the Lodge, the Council, or Scouting in general, you may search this website, the National Order of the Arrow website ( or reach out for clarification via the contact page.

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